08 November 2018


STORY l Homelessness Society in Johor Bahru

Hi everyone, society want we can classification is people around us. In life, Allah give us journey how we survive until we get want we want. Allah not give us challenge without ability ourselves. This is fact we must trust to Allah, every plan he give to us, his have reason "why".

Why i highlights this topic in my blog because, i want all citizen know and gratitude they life compared this circle community. Sometimes, People can become homeless for many reasons and the effects of homelessness can be devastating.

Homelessness is the circumstance when people are without a permanent dwelling, such as a house or apartment. People who are homeless are most often unable to acquire and maintain regular, safe, secure and adequate housing.

In Malaysian, we have welfare department to care our Malaysian citizen. But, sometimes this circle community they don't want stay welfare centre. 

Recently, i and my friend and also invite who does want join us to do this charity for homeless, we encourage who can join us. What we do is not support them as homeless but want we do is as human.  I believed that, not only our team to help the homeless for encourage, but this is a learning process as "human".

I'm also believe the existence of hierarchy classes that is not Kifarah, but that is learning process to us as human, how we attract them in real.  

Trust me, most of the people in the world, they want in they life as a part of perfect jourey. Atleast they have car, house, family. but, not all people can do as "Seorang jalanan". 


Thankful for those participate and donations for our charity to get closed this circle society.  Alhamdulillah, for the donation given we distribute fried rice, mineral water, air kotak laici, muffin pisang, and gardenia bread to homelessness. 

Main area we focusing is JB town and larkin area. Where we can find them around 12am until in the morning. Yaa, mybe they scared our police goverment to catch them. hehe

Previously, i'm always involved for distribute in Chowkit area, what i can compared both of this town is different number of children. In JB, i'm only can see the children around 4 until 5 person. But, in Chowkit town the children most over 40, that what we can see, other place ? mybe more than that.

Most countries provide a variety of services to assist homeless people. These services often provide food, shelter (beds) and clothing and may be organized and run by community organizations (often with the help of volunteers) or by government departments or agencies. 

Finally, we hope the homelessness get attention our the government, organisation group, and individual donors especially "Children or Baby". People who are homeless may have additional conditions, such as physical or mental health issues or substance addiction, these issues make resolving homelessness a challenging policy issue.

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